But What Does "One Touch" Really Mean?

We’ve talked a lot in the last year about our PayPal One Touch™ product because we are darn proud of it; it’s evolved from something truly groundbreaking, to something so seamless and quick that even we’re dazzled. But, the more we write about it, the more we feel like words just don’t do the whole experience justice. As the saying goes: it feels like we’re dancing about architecture.

With the recent introduction of the new PayPal vaulted payment flow, we’ve officially closed the loop on our best checkout experience for most devices, platforms, and situations, and so we’ve also concluded the first chapter in this ever-innovating story.

We think this is as good a time as any to sit back, breathe, and really encounter One Touch.

So, exactly what is it?

And, why do I want it?

One Touch infographic

Ok, but how does it work?

Be still, our hearts.

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