Extending One Touch to Millions and Announcing Our New Partner, Bigcommerce

Last September, we released One Touch™, a faster, safer way to pay on a mobile device across platforms. We built this new checkout experience for native mobile apps to enable people to buy the things they love with a single touch. We bet that if we created this new experience, it would help merchants would see an increase in sales, average order values, and customer loyalty. Our merchants have given us clear feedback - it works.

Today, at PayPal’s Commerce: Rewired event, we announced that we’re extending our One Touch experience. Now, merchants using our v.zero SDKs in their native apps can offer One Touch payments to millions of PayPal customers -- including those who don't have the PayPal app installed on their mobile device. Combined with One Touch for web, we make it easier for the 165M PayPal consumers to buy online - whether they’re on web, mobile, or using native apps.

As a consumer who doesn’t have the PayPal app, when you go to check out in the Munchery app with PayPal, for example, you’ll be briefly switched over to your mobile browser where you can opt to stay logged in. If you choose to stay logged in, the next time you go to check out at another One Touch-enabled merchant like Jane.com on that same device and browser, you’ll skip log in and can make the payment in a single touch. As always, PayPal’s fraud and risk technologies will monitor those transactions and we’ll request that you log in if we think that’s necessary for security reasons.

Braintree merchants who integrate Checkout with PayPal will automatically have One Touch for web enabled without needing to make any updates to the integration. And, we’re extending One Touch to Bigcommerce, a new collaboration with PayPal, powered by Braintree.

But our collaboration goes far beyond One Touch. Together, with PayPal, we’re enabling seamless access for Bigcommerce’s 90,000 merchants to our end-to-end ecommerce solution, the v.zero SDK. Through our single integration, current and future Bigcommerce merchants have easy access to credit/debit cards, PayPal, and whatever future form of payment comes next.

If you are interested in enabling One Touch for your customers, check out our docs or email us at sales@braintreepayments.com. If you already have One Touch enabled, just update your v.zero SDK to get the latest capabilities. For more information about our partnership with Bigcommerce, please visit bigcommerce.com/paypal.

To learn more about Commerce: Rewired, and all of our latest news, please visit PayPal Stories.

Juan Benitez Juan is a former GM of Braintree, where he led the team in delivering powerful payment solutions. Prior to taking the GM role, Juan was our CTO -- after joining the team from several years at Yahoo!. More posts by this author

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