Airbnb, Boxed, Munchery, and YPlan Join List of Growing Merchants to Enable One Touch™

Consumers are shifting to mobile as their primary computing device, but until obstacles are eliminated that interfere with consumers and merchants quickly and securely connecting via their phones or tablets, mobile won’t realize its potential. That’s why we launched One Touch™ with PayPal in September, the fastest, safest and easiest way to pay on a mobile device across Android and iOS. Since launching just three months ago, we’ve seen great momentum and increases in mobile conversions due to One Touch and wanted to share some highlights with you.

This week, Airbnb joined innovators Boxed,, Munchery, ParkWhiz, StubHub, SquadUp, TellOnMe, Type Tees by Threadless and YPlan, among others, to enable One Touch -- removing friction from the mobile buying experience and eliminating the need for things like usernames and passwords and instead letting customers to pay in a single touch.

Munchery’s Senior Software Engineer, Andrew Hunzeker Hesed, told us: "Munchery gives customers a quick and easy way to have a healthy and delicious meal delivered directly to their door. We're always trying to find ways to make our experience as convenient as possible, which is why we added One Touch with PayPal. Integrating the Braintree SDK was so simple that the most difficult part was changing all of our variable names from credit_card to payment_method. Once integrated with the SDK, it was very easy to enable One Touch so our customers could checkout with a single click without needing to login or remember passwords."

Since enabling One Touch, many of our merchants have already reported double-digit growth in conversion rates and increased average order values (AOVs) as a result of a slick and streamlined buying experience as well as instant access to PayPal’s 157M active customers. For example:

  • StubHub, an online ticket marketplace, reported a 13% increase in order value through PayPal as well as a nearly a 50% increase in total sales and transactions through PayPal on iOS with One Touch.

  •, an ecommerce site, is now seeing more than 30% of their transaction volume coming from PayPal.

  • YPlan, a UK-based events app, reported a double digit increase in conversions shortly after enabling One Touch.

One Touch is enabling better and more secure consumer mobile buying experiences, which ultimately means better conversion rates for merchants. For more information on One Touch, visit You can also email or call us at 877.511.5036 with any questions or feedback.

Bill Ready Bill is the SVP, Global Head of Merchant and Next-Gen Commerce at PayPal. Previously, Ready was the CEO of Braintree, leading the company through the 2013 acquisition by PayPal for $800 million. More posts by this author

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