Taking One Touch™ Mobile Payments International

In September, we announced the general availability of One Touch™ mobile payments with PayPal in the U.S., the industry’s first and only single touch payment experience across Android and iOS. Today, in an effort to help people and businesses connect more seamlessly, reduce friction from buying on mobile and support innovation globally, we’re rolling out One Touch with PayPal in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. We’re starting the rollout in these markets, while working quickly to bring One Touch to our tens of thousands of customers across the more than 40 countries we serve globally.

With One Touch, people can pay across their favorite apps in a single touch across platforms, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords each time you pay, while maintaining the trust and security that Braintree and PayPal have long been known for. One Touch gives consumers a faster and safer mobile buying experience, and gives merchants the benefit of reduced shopping cart abandonment and increased sales.

Innovative apps around the world have already enabled One Touch -- the fastest and safest way to pay on a mobile device. US-based Jane.com, ParkWhiz, StubHub, Type Tees by Threadless and YPlan, have enabled One Touch, as well Fashionis in Italy. Others like Cabonline in Sweden, JustPark in the UK and Polagram in France are planning to integrate in the coming weeks.

Merchants from YPlan to StubHub have already reported a decrease in shopping cart abandonment and an increase in revenues as a result of One Touch. YPlan, for example, reported a double digit increase in conversions since having enabled One Touch, while StubHub saw a 50 percent increase in sales and transactions going through PayPal with One Touch.

As a global company working to support startups and developers across industries and borders, we’ve seen first hand that innovation happens around the world. We’ve been impressed by the international developers we’ve met across our global BattleHack competitions and inspired by startups like Hero & Creatives, Klarity and HealthBasket who recently won our PitchHop competition at the Dublin Web Summit. We’ve also seen more established international merchants -- including Hailo, Mojang, Rovio, 99Designs and others -- change the way people live. Merchants based outside the U.S. are an important part of our client base, with international transactions accounting for more than a third of Braintree’s authorized payment volume.

To enable One Touch, merchants simply need to integrate with Braintree’s v.zero SDK. One 10 minute integration gives merchants access to One Touch, PayPal and it’s 157M active customers, Venmo -- which this quarter enabled $700M in mobile commerce, Apple Pay and soon bitcoin.

You can find out more about One Touch here. If you have any questions about One Touch, please connect with us at: one_touch@braintreepayments.com.

Klas Back Klas is the GM of Braintree’s International and Payment Strategy. He has fine-tuned his expertise in global payments commerce in previous senior roles at Netgiro, Digital River, and FlyBy. More posts by this author

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