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Braintree Marketplace

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End-to-end payment capabilities for marketplace businesses to split payments and manage payouts to providers.

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Your app or website

Create transaction

Sub-merchant delivers good or service

Get paid

Pay sub-merchants

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Control and customize

We offer customizable APIs that you can leverage to split transactions and pay your providers -- also called sub-merchants -- through Braintree's gateway. Our onboarding APIs make onboarding easy by offering full control over how you send us your sub-merchant data.

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Flexible funding

Accept cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Venmo. Once you specify how you’d like to pay your sub-merchant, Braintree will facilitate the payout in as little as two days via ACH or the next day via Venmo, all with no extra fees.

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Manage your business

Simplify tax reporting

Braintree will take care of generating and filing the annual 1099-K tax forms required for your sub-merchants. Learn more about tax reporting for Marketplace.

Automate notifications

Use webhooks to be notified when a sub-merchant is successfully onboarded or if there is a problem disbursing funds to your sub-merchant’s bank account.