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Hotel Tonight Case Study

Hotel tonight
From the very beginning, HotelTonight, the last-minute hotel booking app, partnered with Braintree for ease of integration, frictionless credit card storage and scalability. Every day Braintree enables HotelTonight users to book hotels in seconds, while providing the fast-growing app the technology to expand internationally.


Twelve months was all app-champ HotelTonight needed to go from a start-up to the top-ranked hotel booking app for Apple and Android devices. Their secret? A novel idea and great partners.

Their idea is to provide easy, 100% mobile booking for discounted last-minute hotel rooms. Hotel properties use HotelTonight to fill rooms that might otherwise sit empty, while consumers get a quick and convenient way to score great values at these top hotels. It’s the mutual win that makes this idea wildly successful.


HotelTonight controls the app content by vetting all featured hotels. They also write their own concise, witty reviews that focus on the features last-minute bookers actually care about.

When it came to building the app experience, HotelTonight needed a partner that shared their vision of simplicity and reliability, and could scale to meet the company’s anticipated growth.


The entire HotelTonight app was built in just two and a half months, making speedy payments integration crucial. At the same time, the company was looking for a solution that was drop-dead easy for mobile users.

HotelTonight selected Braintree to provide the payment gateway and credit card vault, which stores users’ payment information for easy and convenient repeat bookings.

According to Sam Shank, CEO of HotelTonight, the company looked at many different solutions but selected Braintree because it enables returning customers to book quickly, and developers love the quick and effortless integration.

We designed HotelTonight from the ground up as a fully mobile experience. To make this work, we looked to the best partners and Braintree is a critical part of that. Their speed to market and jaw-dropping, amazing customer experience has made working with them a pleasure.

Sam Shank, CEO of HotelTonight


HotelTonight is the fastest hotel booking app on the market. Through Braintree’s credit card vault, customers enter their credit card information once and it is stored securely. Returning customers can book a room in ten seconds with just three taps and a swipe. Their closest competitors require dozens of taps and the booking process can take 10 times longer than booking on HotelTonight.

HotelTonight’s combination of a mobile platform, easy-to-use software and unbiased content propelled the company’s quick growth. In just a year, the company grew from serving three U.S. cities to serving over 30, and in five years it has expanded to thousands of cities across the globe, using Braintree for international billing as well.

“We made a smart choice in partners when we started,” said Shank. “Instead of selecting partners based on our initial start-up needs, we looked at how we wanted to grow. Braintree is able to scale with us as our transaction volume grows and can process international currencies.”