Recurring Billing

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We make it easy to accept repeating payments

Braintree makes it easy to accept repeating payments for SaaS, media subscriptions, donations, and more. You can store your customers' payment information securely in our vault, and Braintree automatically handles each billing cycle.

Failed Transaction Management

Customize your settings to automatically retry past-due subscriptions. For any failed transactions, notify your customers with custom emails.

Flexible Pricing

Create tailor-made pricing plans for your customers. Set discounts, add-ons, promotional periods, and rewards.

Prorated Subscriptions

Your customers have the ability to upgrade and downgrade their subscriptions at any time and the charges will be automatically prorated.

Search and Reporting

Search for plans and subscriptions. Filter by pricing plan, subscription ID, billing periods remaining, and price.

Push Notifications

Configure webhooks to receive the status of a subscription and get instant notifications when significant events occur.

Secure Storage

All sensitive data is stored by Braintree so that you are protected and the scope of your PCI compliance is drastically reduced.

Common Questions

What happens if a recurring transaction fails?

You can customize your retry logic and Braintree will use those settings to automatically retry past-due subscriptions. You can also create custom emails to automatically notify customers of failed transactions and past-due charges. These features are sometimes referred to as “dunning” management.

Can I create coupons or promotional periods in my pricing plans?

Yes. You can use Discounts and Add-ons to create promotional periods or rewards for your best customers. Set custom beginning and ending dates for your plans, customize exactly when and for how long you want the billing cycle to last. You have the flexibility to create pricing plans that work for your business.

What happens if a customer switches plans mid-cycle?

Your customers can change their subscription service in the middle of a billing cycle, and Braintree will automatically prorate the charges. However, the billing cycles need to be the same (e.g. monthly to monthly or annual to annual).

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