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Responsible Disclosure

Security vulnerabilities are an unfortunate but common issue in software. At Braintree we take them very seriously. We appreciate your help in notifying us of vulnerabilities in a responsible manner.

Please report any security issues to

You can encrypt communications to with our PGP key.

Fingerprint: 92FC DAC4 E13B B681 1E4D 44D3 494A BD72 1C7E 98B3


We appreciate responsible disclosure so much, we're willing to put you in our security hall of fame! If you responsibly notify us of a vulnerability that we are unaware of, we will add you to the exclusive list of amazing people who have helped Braintree become better and more secure.

Please remember that running security scanning tools creates a lot of work and generates more noise than useful information. We do appreciate research and disclosure, but we kindly ask that you do not use scanners to find vulnerabilities.

  • Noman Ramzan & Danish Tariq
  • Ali Hassan Ghori
  • Anand Sundar Tiwari
  • Frans Rosén
  • Jon
  • Jatin Mangani
  • Yuji Kosuga
  • Sai Kiran
  • Evan Ricafort
  • Mohammed Abdulqader Al-saggaf
  • Mohamed Abdelbaset Elnoby
  • Indra Armando Simatupang
  • Koutrouss Naddara
  • Cameron Dawe
  • Russel Van Laurio
  • Eusebiu Blindu