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Braintree for Large Enterprises

We’re in the Business of Big Business

Since becoming part of PayPal in 2013, we have been rolling out new features to better leverage our mutual strengths and ultimately help our customers grow their large businesses even larger.


Our latest SDK is engineered for the future; it's built for mobile, built for global, and built for whatever comes next. We provide a single gateway that supports your needs across the globe and allows you to accept multiple payment methods with ease. We’ve brought you Buyable Pins on Pinterest, and our latest innovation in contexual commerce: PayPal Commerce, and we’re never finished innovating in the payments space.

Check out everything Braintree has to offer your enterprise:


We’re available in more than 130 currencies and across more than 45 countries, and we’re continually building out new relationships throughout the world. Leveraging PayPal's global relationships, we’re able to rapidly deploy international capabilities as they come available. We've recently opened an office in Asia to show our dedication to providing additional options in that market, and in last two years we’ve quadrupled our payment volume.

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Transparent pricing

We offer competitive interchange plus and flat-rate pricing options around the world, and we only charge for successful transactions (never for authorized transactions or verifications).

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Fraud tools

Braintree's advanced fraud protection helps to keep you and your customers secure. Coupling our fraud tools with our tokenization system, we'll make sure you're in the news for the right reasons. We partner with Kount to provide our customers with recognized industry-standard protection and fast transaction speeds.

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Alternative payment methods

Our platform is designed to let you add current and future payment methods with ease. In one simple integration, Braintree provides a fast and easy way to offer payment processing for payment methods such as cards, PayPal with One Touch™, Apple Pay™, Android Pay™, Bitcoin, Venmo, and whatever comes next.

Account updater

Keep your customers’ credit cards current, so you don't have to worry about missed payments or abandoned carts. We can update your customer card info in the background so you can continue focusing on improving your business and satisfying your customers.

Learn more about repeat billing tools

PCI compliance

Braintree is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. We're on Visa's Global Compliant Provider List and Mastercard's SDP List.

We're also committed to providing our merchants with options that will alleviate their own compliance burdens. With our Custom UI, we offer Hosted Fields: a more sophisticated and transparent way to reduce your compliance scope.

Hosted Fields

Reduce complexity without sacrificing customization. With just a few lines of simple code, achieve PCI SAQ level A compliance without having to change the beautiful checkout experience that you've spent so much time and effort building.

Learn more about Hosted Fields

Reliability and uptime

We’re known for our ability to handle high-traffic peaks. We know our merchants cannot afford downtime, which is why we designed our maintenance programs so they would have minimal impact on any of our merchants’ abilities to complete transactions.

White-glove support

We pride ourselves on our stellar merchant support. As a valued customer, you'll be assigned an Integration Engineer to support your development efforts, and a dedicated account manager to service your needs after you’re up and running.

Mobile leadership

We recognize that mobile experiences are quickly becoming the primary point of customer interactions, and Braintree and PayPal's mobile capabilities are proven to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

With sleek SDKs, and our unique PayPal One Touch™ checkout experience -- you’ll connect with your customer quickly from any device.

Innovative commerce

Along with our growing list of flexible features for all types of businesses, our full suite of products helps you to also enable or expand payments for yourself or your users in new ways. Explore PayPal Commerce for selling on your platform, Braintree Marketplace for splitting payments between yourself and your sub-merchants, and Braintree Auth for taking action on your users’ behalf.

Third-party integrations

We've spent considerable time building the integrations and cart connections our larger merchants need. We have connections to popular eCommerce solutions such as Demandware & Magento, large cart-based solutions like WooCommerce & BigCommerce, recurring billing solutions such as Zuora and Recurly, and even to tax calculation solutions like Taxamo and TaxCloud.

Learn more about our integrations

Dispute manager

Our dispute dashboard will notify you of any pending chargebacks so you can respond as soon as possible. This intuitive platform will recommend the appropriate documents to fit your needs, and allow you to upload those documents in order to challenge chargebacks.

Data portability

We put a lot of stock in our data portability because we feel strongly that your data belongs to you, not us. Through Braintree, you can as easily bring your data into our system as take it with you if you ever choose to leave. Simple as that.

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