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Game-changing fraud protection

In addition to basic fraud tools like AVS, CVV, and risk thresholds, Fraud Protection and Fraud Protection Advanced require no additional integration* and give you more insight and control to:

Minimize chargebacks

Decades of intelligence harnessed from Braintree and PayPal offer better insight, leading to more accurate fraud detection to help reduce losses

Reduce false positives

Industry-recognized machine learning powers customized filters and real-time actionable filter recommendations to keep you ahead of evolving fraud and help maximize revenue

Reduce friction

Automatically decision transactions based on your unique business needs by customizing and testing filter thresholds through an intuitive user interface

Fraud dashboard


average reduction in fraud losses with no impact on overall approval rate**


improvement in fraud detection on average without impacting approval rate**


reduction in false positives across all transactions analyzed**

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* Minor integration changes may be required for existing Braintree customers to pass device data.

**The above metrics are provided for illustrative purposes only and are based on data analysis of an offline fraud protection model performed on 700 Braintree merchants for card and Pay with PayPal transactions in November and December 2018. Loss rates were calculated post-decisioning from merchant’s current fraud solution. These metrics are intended to represent potential results that may be achieved through the use of Fraud Protection. Results may not be typical and individual customer results may vary.

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Next-generation authentication

Shift chargeback liability to card issuers on eligible transactions and meet Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements with our low-friction 3D Secure 2 solution.

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Available integrations with specialized fraud tools

Fraud Protection

Through custom, out-of-the-box filters, actionable filter recommendations, and the ability to simulate the impact of filters prior to activating, Fraud Protection adapts as your business and fraud evolve.

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Fraud Protection Advanced

Conduct in-depth risk analysis and investigations. Create your own filters, review transactions, view attribute linkages, pass custom fields, and more with Fraud Protection Advanced.

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