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Core Features

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re rethinking the way you do payments, we offer a robust set of building blocks that will form your own payments infrastructure and help you identify new opportunities to do business in more places.

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Determine your ideal interface

For a seamless checkout across the board, you can choose to integrate quickly and easily with our Drop-in UI or create a more customized experience when you bring your own UI and let our Hosted Fields tool help you meet SAQ A eligibility for PCI compliance.


Mastercard card


Payment from Italy


PayPal card


5 Charges in 30 Minutes


Apple Pay card


Address Mismatch

Protect and detect

We offer standard and advanced levels of fraud protection to help you identify and react to potential threats. On top of that, 3D Secure adds an additional layer of verification to detect fraud before it becomes an issue.

Rest assured, we’re just as serious about the security of incoming data; our own data security is up to snuff with industry standards and reassessed frequently.

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Make it simple for repeat customers

Store payment data securely to use automatically each billing cycle with our Recurring Billing. Fill in the blanks with Account Updater, which will automatically update eligible, enrolled card details to help reduce preventable declines.

Offer almost any way to pay

Braintree paypal@2x

Benefit from a partner in payments

No matter which features you choose, the advantages remain the same: Under PayPal, we’re one of the largest payment processors in the world, and we have the global expertise and enterprise knowledge to share. On top of that, we understand the importance of robust reports, we’re here with white-glove support when you need to talk to a person, and we can help you discover new and innovative places and ways to connect and do more business.

Looking for additional services?

Third-party integrations

Our payments platform plays nice with others -- plugging easily into some of the most popular ecommerce platforms, shopping carts, analytics services, and billing applications out there. See the integrations.