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3D Secure 2.0

Add a data-driven, frictionless authentication solution to your checkout that can help ensure security for your customers and help protect your business against fraudulent transactions.

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Fraud protection

The next-generation authentication solution

3D Secure 2.0 (3DS 2.0) is the new industry standard for customer authentication and is a recognized solution for meeting PSD2’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements. Braintree’s 3DS 2.0 solution is easy to integrate and provides a simple way to authenticate eligible card transactions with a low-friction checkout experience for cardholders.

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Questions about SCA requirements and how your business can prepare?

Check out our merchant resources


Provides a more seamless mobile experience with native SDKs for both Android and iOS
Uses device and browser data for more accurate risk assessments that typically happen behind the scenes rather than requiring cardholder involvement
Offers better, more secure methods to replace static passwords in the rare event of a challenge
Helps meet SCA requirements for biometrics and two-factor authentication (2FA)
Payment card chargeback

Shift chargeback liability

For eligible cards, 3DS 2.0 can move liability for chargebacks due to fraud from the merchant to the card issuer.

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Lift authorization rates

Data shows that issuers may approve more transactions when using 3DS 2.0 (vs. 3DS 1.0).


decrease in cart abandonment1


reduction in transaction time2

1-2. Frictionless Experience with Verified by Visa, Visa, 2018.


How it works

3D Secure is an additional fraud protection layer for online credit and debit card transactions that adds an authentication step for customers making online purchases.

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Merchant tokenizes card

  • Merchant tokenizes the customer card or uses the previously tokenized card
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Merchant requests SCA guidance

  • Optional: Merchant requests Braintree's guidance on the regulatory environment
  • Braintree advises if SCA is required or recommended
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Merchant initiates 3DS

  • Optional: Merchant decides to request exemptions; three possible outcomes: 1) exemption applied, 2) exemption not applied and no challenge, or 3) exemption not applied and challenge
  • Merchant does not request exemptions; two possible outcomes: 1) issuer issues challenge or 2) issuer does not issue challenge
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Merchant creates transaction

  • Merchant initiates the verification or authorization

Merchant resources

SCA requirements have been the source of a lot of questions -- and a lot of uncertainty -- for merchants who do business in affected countries. We’ve put together some resources to help you understand these requirements and prepare your business.


Our newest front-end SDK is built to support all 3DS 2.0 authentication paths

Read the 3D Secure 2.0 Adoption Guide

Our quick-reference guide outlines SCA requirements and 3DS 2.0 benefits

Read the SCA and 3DS 2.0 overview

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