The last few years have been exciting for payments as we’ve seen a shift to mobile and a renewed focus on driving conversion. The shift opened up a new set of opportunities for us. It became clear we needed to rethink how developers integrated with us as payments continue to change rapidly.

Today, we’re excited to announce v.zero, a new foundation for accepting payments with Braintree. We went back to the drawing board and designed a system that is simple to integrate and easy to extend. To achieve this, we leverage a secure, direct line of communication with mobile apps and web browsers. One-time-use tokens ensure that your server implementation has a smaller footprint than ever, enabling you to process all payment instruments and platforms in a single code path.

You can learn more about v.zero or check out the docs to get started using the SDKs today.


Supporting PayPal as a payment method in the Braintree Gateway has always been one of the most frequent requests from our customers. So from the moment we joined forces with PayPal in December 2013, we have been working hard to make accepting PayPal as simple as we made accepting credit cards, and we are thrilled to release this feature today for our US-based customers.

We obsessed over simplifying the developer integration experience while also focusing on re-imagining the customer experience of using PayPal. We also got to work with an awesome group of beta customers who provided us with invaluable feedback and put the product through its paces. So a big thank you goes out to GitHub, Jane, Chargify and ParkWhiz. We couldn’t have done it without you!

The result is a redirect-free PayPal purchase experience that keeps customers on your site to streamline the transaction. Click the PayPal button below and see for yourself - we’re very proud of the results!

Using our new SDKs for the web (Javascript) or mobile (iOS & Android) the integration to accept PayPal is as simple as adding some code to position the PayPal button in your checkout flow and then sending the resulting token from your server to Braintree to create the transaction. We take care of serving the button and all of the PayPal interaction.

You can test this in our Sandbox today without having a PayPal account, so in a matter of minutes you can see what adding PayPal to your checkout will look like. Check out the full PayPal integration guide is for all the details.


In talking with our customers, we noticed many utilizing development time to build a payment form that represented a best-in-class user experience. In fact, many customers asked us whether we had a pre-built form they could use, or had best practices that they could learn from. We realized that given the level of duplicative effort that was occurring across our entire merchant base, we could help solve a real pain point.

Our new Drop-in UI is a completely optional form that merchants can use when building their checkout that leverages best-in-class practices. These include full mobile web responsive design, auto-detection of the card brand, client-side validation of the primary account number and expiration date, and Control Panel toggling of AVS and CVV checks. It also expresses the extensibility of the new SDKs through easy and native addition of alternative payment methods such as PayPal. Check out the screenshot below or learn more. But don't worry, we will always provide you full control of your checkout experience - use our UI, configure it for your site/app, or take our open source code drop-in code a starting point for your own custom experience.

The entire team is extremely proud to release v.zero today. Take a look at our docs to get started today. We can’t wait to see what you will build.

Ben Mills & Tony Pitluga Ben and Tony are developers working for Braintree and living in San Francisco and Chicago (respectively). More posts by this author

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