Small footprint, big ideas


From your first payment to your billionth.

Since the beginning, we've had one focus: provide devs and entrepreneurs the best tools for accepting payments. That mission began with a secure API and an amazing support team.

Now we've gone back to basics, building a brand-new client-side SDK for the future. Fast, elegant, and every bit as secure as before, Braintree sdk is the new cross platform way to integrate with Braintree.

Available for iOS, Android and JavaScript, sdk is wherever your customers are. We can't wait to see what you build.

Ultra Slim

We brought out the hatchet, then the scalpel. Now you can go from zero to accepting payments with as few as 10 lines of code


We've redesigned our transaction flow so that sensitive data never touches your server


We're betting on the future. Staying up-to-date is easier than ever with just a single point of configuration

Easy as one, two, free

Announcing Drop-in UI

We conspired across teams to build the ultimate checkout experience and now it's yours to use, ready to accept payments on web or mobile in as little as ten lines of code.

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$ rm /dev/hassles

Unique as you want to be

Powerful custom integrations

Want to build your own checkout? By simplifying all payment method details down to a token, you never need to worry about what method users choose to pay you. And with your integration having a single point of configuration, you can manage your integration in the control panel or with just a few lines of code.

As for the latest PCI Data Security Standards, we've added our innovative solution, Hosted Fields, to the integration - helping ensure you remain SAQ A compliant without sacrificing any control.

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$ make something

Integrate once, accept anything

Paypal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, coinbase, cards, and whatever’s next

We’ve built the best integration that will allow you to add any and every payment type to your checkout with only a few lines of code. Merchants will get seamless access to new payment methods with the flip of a switch, and customers will always have the option to pay how they want to pay.

See the Docs
$ ruby -e "puts 'one integration'”

Common Questions

What if I want to customize the checkout to match the look and feel of my app or site?

With the custom integration, you can use your own payment form for credit card acceptance.

Once I integrate the snippet of code into my app or site, can I start accepting payments?

To accept payments, you'll need to sign up for a production Braintree account.

I'm an existing Braintree merchant. How do I upgrade to

The Upgrade Guide explains how to use

Start accepting payments.

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