Seeing Explosive Mobile Growth as We Open Our New Office in San Francisco

Yesterday, we invited media, merchants, and friends to help us celebrate Cyber Monday in our new 25,000 sq. foot office at 123 Townsend in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. Our unprecedented growth and move into a new space in San Francisco follows our recent Chicago expansion into a 65,000 sq foot office at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. But it’s not only our team that’s growing. The pace of commerce moving to your mobile device is growing rapidly.

As the payments platform for many of the fastest growing mobile commerce companies, we have a unique view into how people are buying. Our data confirms what we’ve known all along -- mobile is becoming the primary computing device and consumers are starting to expect a frictionless buying experience on mobile.

Here’s what our data showed for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  • Braintree's total transactions on Thanksgiving 2014 were 3.1x Thanksgiving 2013

  • Braintree's mobile transactions on Thanksgiving 2014 were 4.2x Thanksgiving 2013.

  • Braintree's total transactions on Black Friday 2014 were 2.9x Black Friday 2013

  • Braintree's mobile transactions on Black Friday 2014 were 2.3x Black Friday 2013.

  • Braintree's mobile transactions on Cyber Monday 2014 were 2.9x Cyber Monday 2013

We expect this growth to continue as more developers and merchants discover tools like and start to enable simple, frictionless buying experiences like One Touch with PayPal.

Braintree transaction data reflects many of the fastest growing mobile-first companies, and as we are part of the PayPal family, we were also able to share equally impressive numbers around PayPal’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday data. Since $1 in every $6 spent on ecommerce is spent using PayPal, our data gives a broad view of the massive growth of ecommerce across both next-gen and more mainstream merchants and retailers.

One of the companies that bet big on mobile early on was HotelTonight. Last night, I sat down with HotelTonight CEO and Co-founder Sam Shank to discuss trends in mobile commerce, the shift from buying ‘things’ to buying ‘experiences,’ the new expectation for context-driven experiences, and to hear his thoughts on the flexibility and spontaneity that the mobile experience enables.

After the fireside chat, we showcased our new office space and design. In designing our space, we looked to the thousands of developers and entrepreneurs we work with for inspiration, and tried to understand what Braintree means to them. We learned that the essence and foundation of Braintree is beautiful and efficient code. And with that, we wanted to celebrate code as an art form.

Some of the interesting things we’ve built here include a 27,000-piece keyboard wall (sourced from 300 keyboards across all different eras of computing) representing the keys developers use to build code. The mv$$$ money wall -- which in code means “move money” -- is crafted from coins from around the world and signifies the core of our product. And as a customer-first company, our merchant appreciation wall highlights many of our marquee customers including Eventbrite, GitHub, HotelTonight and Slack.

More than anything, we want our space to be a comfortable place for you -- whether you’re a developer, startup, or billion dollar ecommerce company. We can’t wait for you to visit.

And if you want to join us at Braintree and build tools that will forever change the way people buy and sell, check out our careers page.


Bill Ready Bill is the SVP, Global Head of Merchant and Next-Gen Commerce at PayPal. Previously, Ready was the CEO of Braintree, leading the company through the 2013 acquisition by PayPal for $800 million. More posts by this author

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