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Fraud Protection

Protection Before Problems

Basic or advanced, we offer protection for every level of tech savvy -- any area of concern.


Security without additional lines of code.

Our basic online and mobile fraud detection tools will help you guard against the most common types; activate and manage right from your control panel.

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Helps to verify that the address information supplied by a customer matches what the bank has on file.

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Ensures you always validate the verification number associated with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards.

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Risk threshold

Configure a specific set of rules to detect fraudsters based on the velocity of transactions in a given timeframe.

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Integrate for smarter safeguards.

Add a more sophisticated level of security which comes with our standard pricing. Together with our partner, Kount, we use hundreds of fraud detection tests to analyze each credit card transaction or verification quickly via Kount Standard.

Want to assign your own rules, set up review queues and auto-decisioning, and more? We can support that too, through Kount Custom.

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Transaction and device data are packaged and submitted for in-depth analysis.



Data is tested against 100+ criteria including geolocation and device fingerprinting to assess integrity.



Results are decided by a predefined rule set and a verdict is applied by the gateway.

3D Secure: easy to integrate, hard to crack

An additional layer of password-based verification could allow for a wider variety of cards, lower rates, and reduced chargebacks.
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