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Contextual Commerce

Build Trusted Connections to Distribute Commerce

Businesses are now partnering to offer commerce experiences in a wide array of new contexts. Our products and tools enable secure sharing of payment, customer, and other data to make these innovative experiences possible.

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Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools

From trusted integrations with service providers to uninterrupted retail checkout flows, our APIs address the complexities of sharing customer and payment information between parties.

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Grant API

Securely share (or revoke) access to encrypted payment data with other Braintree merchants.

Forward API

Share customer, payment, and other data securely with PCI Level 1-compliant parties while keeping your vault protected.

Some of the forward-thinking companies who enable contextual commerce with us:

Our infrastructure tools in action

Facebook Messenger + Uber/Lyft

Facebook Messenger partners with Uber and Lyft, allowing users to order rides without leaving the Messenger app. With Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools, Facebook is able to securely share its own stored payment data with Uber and Lyft while assuring Facebook Messenger users maintain control over their information.

Eventbrite + RFID

Eventbrite leverages Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools to enable novel commerce experiences at live events. Braintree’s contextual commerce APIs enable Eventbrite to temporarily share secure payment information with concession and festival logistics providers to allow the purchase of goods with an RFID band that functions as both a ticket and a wallet.

For merchants and platforms that want to connect and enable buy buttons for physical goods


Paypal Commerce

For platforms

A single integration paves a simple path for merchants to sell on your platform and addresses the complexity of inventory and order management.
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For merchants

A seamless and secure way to sell where your products are first discovered without changing the way you manage your business.
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