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TaskRabbit Case Study | Braintree Payments


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Life moves fast these days, so fast that sometimes the little day-to-day tasks begin to fall by the wayside. Luckily, TaskRabbit has developed an innovative way for urbanites to get their chores and tasks done quickly and easily by enlisting the help of local "TaskRabbits." These background-checked TaskRabbits are qualified, fully-vetted, local runners who are willing to perform tasks and chores for others in their neighborhood.


The TaskPoster sets a maximum price for a chore or errand and local TaskRabbits will bid for the job. The TaskRabbit with the lowest bid will automatically be assigned the task. Not only are customers gaining freedom from their to-do list, but people in need of extra income or those with a little spare time are put to work and earning cash.

With services currently available in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Orange County and New York City, people around the country are joining TaskRabbit as TaskPosters (consumers) and "TaskRabbits" (independent contractors who perform the tasks).


TaskRabbit began looking ahead at their future plans and wanted a payment gateway provider that supports international payment processing. That way, they would already have the needed technology if they decide to expand overseas.

Also, the TaskRabbit team was looking for an affordable provider that still offered the world-class customer service it needed to solve problems quickly, making it as easy as possible for customers and employees to process payments online.


After researching various payment gateway providers, TaskRabbit was impressed with Braintree's reputation and experience with other e- and m-commerce startups. In May of 2011, TaskRabbit enlisted Braintree because it appeared to be the best, quickest and simplest option available. So far, TaskRabbit has not been disappointed.

Since Braintree's implementation, TaskRabbit launched in seven cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Seattle, Austin, San Antonio Braintree's payment gateway for developers allowed for seamless scalability as TaskRabbit added new locations to the roster.

Braintree's excellent customer service resolves TaskRabbit's problems quickly with minimal downtime. Braintree also offers the ability to access data reports, which provide a comprehensive picture of the types of payments customers are making.


Since implementation, business has grown significantly and the future looks bright for TaskRabbit; the transition to Braintree was virtually painless and the payment gateway has since scaled seamlessly throughout TaskRabbit's expansion.

TaskRabbit's developers were thrilled with how inexpensive, quick and easy it was to integrate with Braintree's API and how well the platform handled a growing customer base and processing volume.

Braintree's customer support resolved issues quickly and answers questions in a timely manner.

Currently, 25 percent of TaskRabbit customers make payments via mobile and this number will only increase with the proliferation of smartphones. Customers are able to store their credit card information with just a few taps, making it easier to access and pay for TaskRabbit's services. This will continue to be an area of growth and expansion for TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit implemented the system without disrupting the consumers' experience, which is very important to maintaining happy customers. The stability of the platform gives TaskRabbit the confidence it needs to service customers well and continue to grow its business. As TaskRabbit approaches an era of massive growth, Braintree will continue to serve them with an easy to use, dependable payments platform.

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