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Pay with PayPal

Open Your Doors to Over 190 Million Customers

  • Free users from entering and reentering payment details
  • Convenience is key: never redirect customers off your site
  • Offer a secure and seamless experience across all devices
  • Allow customers to buy now and pay later with PayPal Credit

PayPal integration

Simply drop in a few lines of code and you’re ready to accept one-time or recurring payments from millions of PayPal customers worldwide.

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braintree.setup("<%= client_token %>", "paypal", {
  container: "paypal-container"

Businesses sell more with PayPal

conversion rate with PayPal outperforms competitors by up to 36%

Source: comScore Study of Large Merchant Checkouts (April 2016)

incremental new buyers after adding PayPal Impact to merchant’s total online/mobile business

Source: Nielsen Online Buyer Insights (January 2016)

total incremental spend from new buyers Impact to merchant’s total online/mobile business

Source: Nielsen Online Buyer Insights (January 2016)


Your rates are predetermined by PayPal, but generally 2.9% + $.30 per transaction; you can contact PayPal directly or visit their pricing page for more details.

Location availability


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

One Touch™ for payments

Our fastest mobile checkout experience helps eliminate hassle and reduce cart abandonment; users can log into PayPal just once on any device, and continue to pay instantly across other apps or sites.

of online buyers said they would be more likely to shop with a particular online retailer if a one-click checkout were an option.

Source: Internet Retailer Mobile 500, 2014 (US data)

PayPal Credit

PayPal Credit gives your customers the flexibility to pay for purchases over time, while you get paid 100% up front. Add the “PayPal Credit” button directly into your existing PayPal Checkout client-side integration and give customers a shortcut to finance their purchases in just a few clicks. Plus, there’s no additional charge – you pay the normal PayPal transaction fee.

41% (approx.)
of PayPal Credit users say they spent more money online because PayPal Credit was available.

Source: comScore customer survey completed in January 2016, among 3,010 consumers who have used PayPal Credit.

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PayPal Credit is available for web/mobile web only within the US

Many of your favorite companies use Braintree + PayPal

Common questions

Do I need a PayPal account to accept PayPal payments through Braintree?
Yes you will need a PayPal Business Account to begin accepting payments. You’ll then link that account to Braintree via the Braintree Control Panel.

Will my customers need to leave my site to sign onto PayPal?
With PayPal One Touch™, your mobile customers will sign in through a seamless app or browser switch, and your web customers will sign in right from your checkout page.

Can I set up PayPal for recurring payments?
Yes, and here’s how.

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Start accepting payments with Braintree.

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