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Bitcoin through Coinbase

Over 5 Million Wallets are Waiting

  • Immediate confirmation allows for simple, secure acceptance
  • Instant settlement alleviates fear of currency fluctuation
  • View Coinbase transactions alongside all others in a unified report

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How it works

Quickly flip your customers to the Coinbase experience and back to your checkout with no manual transfers, no QR codes, and no holds. With vaulted payments, you’ll also be able to store customer login credentials for an even more seamless experience the next time they return.


1M Free

No fees on the first $1M in processing volume. After that, the standard fee of 1% will apply.

Location availability

  • United States


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web

Common questions

What are the benefits of accepting Bitcoin via Coinbase?
Reach: By adding Coinbase into your application, you gain access to over 2 million consumer Bitcoin wallets. Ease of integration: We make it very convenient for you to quickly integrate Bitcoin acceptance into your application while tying in with your existing Braintree payment processing and reporting.

What platforms does Braintree support for Coinbase?
You’ll be able to integrate Coinbase for websites, iOS, and Android using our SDKs.

Am I able to accept Bitcoin in my corner of the world?
Our Coinbase integration is currently only available in the United States through a US merchant account.

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