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Payments in Bigcommerce

Hi! We're PayPal, and together with Braintree we'll be handling payments in your Bigcommerce shop, giving your customers the best checkout experience possible.

Setting up shop

As soon as you create a Bigcommerce account, customers are able to check out in your store--up to 25 transactions or $2500 on a trial basis, no additional setup required. However, in order to receive the funds from those sales, you will need to apply and be approved for a Braintree account. Do this today by clicking on the 'Connect with Braintree' button in your Bigcommerce dashboard.

About pricing

Processing fees depend upon your selected plan with Bigcommerce. More details about these processing rates and eligibility are available at bigcommerce.com/paypal-rates. There are no monthly fees, and you only pay for what you use—there's no minimum transaction processing amount. For more information on processing rate discounts beyond the Bigcommerce published plans -- and to discuss if you qualify -- please contact PayPal sales at 877-794-7640.

For information about Braintree rates, visit our pricing page.

Still have questions?

Visit our Online Support or call us at 1-855-489-0345.