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Apple Pay

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  • Platform icon web white Web (Safari Only)

Embrace the innovation of Apple Pay.

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applePayClient.tokenizeApplePayPayment(payment) { (tokenizedApplePayPayment, error) in
self.fulfillOrder(tokenizedApplePayPayment) completion(PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus.Success) }

Expand your audience

Reach millions of iOS users through a fast, native checkout.

Enhance security

Take advantage of Apple’s Touch ID technology.

Quicker checkout

Give users an alternative to filling out credit card forms.

Apple pay ios@2x

Apple Pay for iOS

With only a few lines of code, begin accepting Apple Pay and open your door to iOS users.

See the iOS docs

Apple pay web@2x

Apple Pay on the web

You don't need an iOS app to let your customers pay with Apple Pay -- integrate directly into the checkout on your website. Available to customers on the Safari browser.

See the docs for web

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Get started with Apple Pay

Learn more about Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, your customers can make purchases quickly and easily on both mobile and web.

Add Apple Pay to your checkout

Find out how to accept Apple Pay in-app and on mobile web.