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case study

Stomping out Fraud with Hype DC

Hype DC is one of Australia’s foremost premium footwear retailers, curating exclusive and limited product ranges of some of the world’s most stylish sneakers since 1998.


As the business grew, Hype DC wanted to expand its online channel both at home and abroad. However, with that ambition came the increased burden of fraud and chargebacks.


By integrating Braintree solutions, Hype DC was able to take advantage of our commitment to data security and comprehensive suite of advanced fraud tools, including Kount Custom, a fully customizable set of fraud detection tools that help prevent chargebacks and fraud.

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Just 6 months after integrating with Braintree, Hype DC saw a reduction in chargebacks by:


*Data based on the business' own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.

In recent years, the rapid growth in popularity of sneakers has required us to adapt. Braintree provides a [high] level of fraud protection to ensure our sneakers end up in the hands of our loyal customers, not fraudsters.

Simon Coles — Head of Ecommerce, Hype DC

Photo from Hype DC Facebook page

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