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How it Works

Us in a Nutshell

When it comes to choosing an online and mobile payments platform, we’re almost certain we’re the one for you, but do you know everything we have to offer? This stuff can get confusing -- what do you need? What can you add? What should you know before you dive in?


What kind of business are you?

The first thing you’ll need to define is what kind of operation you’re running. Different types require different methods.


Are you selling a product or service directly to your consumers like Casper or The Bouqs Company or are you taking donations like St Baldrick's Foundation?


Are you a subscription-based provider like GitHub or Prezi who hopes to deliver goods or services and bill users regularly without interruption?


Are you a market-style business like TaskRabbit or RunSignUp looking to split payments with your sub-merchants?

Shopping cart or service provider

Are you a merchant platform who wants to connect with Braintree merchants or take action on their behalf?

Contextual commerce

Are you a consumer platform that wants to support on-the-spot commerce, or are you a merchant who wants to sell your wares right where people see them?

App or web? No problem

It’s no difference to us whether you’re creating a mobile app, website, or both -- we’ve got you covered on nearly all fronts, platforms, and devices.


Payment methods

It’s a good idea to think ahead about the ways you’ll want to allow your users to pay online or via your mobile app. Will you only take cards, or do you want to accept PayPal and even some alternative methods? You’ll need to strike the best balance for your customers.

This is often the most common payment method that users are looking for when they come to check out. We let you accept nearly all brands and types.

Learn about accepting credit and debit cards

Here’s a big one. There are over 180 million PayPal users, add this as a payment method and you’ve opened your door to them all -- and provided an option that helps them feel more secure.

Learn about accepting PayPal

This one’s a little different than the rest because Venmo is inherently social. When you let your users pay with Venmo, you allow them to share and split payments with ease.

Learn about accepting Venmo

iPhone and web users who already have a card stored in their Apple Pay Wallet can check out securely using that card, without entering their details again. Seamless.

Learn about accepting Apple Pay

A digital wallet for Android devices. Users' stored payment method will automatically be used and their steps greatly reduced. You can see how this might help with conversion.

Learn about accepting Android Pay

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and we enable you to accept Bitcoin via your users’ Coinbase wallets. Immediate confirmation and Instant settlement are two of the bigger benefits here.

Learn about accepting Bitcoin


The SDKs

Every integration has two critical components. The client-side integration handles online and mobile payment method collection from users. The server-side integration authenticates payment methods, and passes tokens back and forth between Braintree servers and your client. These two work together to enable the transaction lifecycle.

Our SDKs are available in 6 programming languages. So, whichever language you (or your developers) are most comfortable with -- chances are we speak it too.

Don’t have a developer?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, a note: we are a payments provider that requires the skilled hands of a developer to get up and running. If you don’t have one to call your own, fear not -- there are plenty of ready-made shopping cart solutions out there that offer a more plug-and-play experience.


Integration methods

Here’s how you’ll go about getting your checkout flow up and running; the complexities can vary based on your needs and the amount of customization you require.



A quick, simple, ready-made, experience.
Learn more about our Drop-in UI


See the docs


Flexible, easy-to-use, PCI-compliant APIs at your service.
Learn more about our Custom UI


See the docs

The cherries on top

There are features that come standard and ones you can add as quickly as your business needs.


  • Scalability

    Think global from the start

  • Secure tokenization

    We’ll replace sensitive card data with a token -- alleviating your risk

  • Fast payouts

    Money in hand within days

  • Control panel

    Always know where you stand

  • Reporting

    Off the shelf or customized, it’s crystal clear

  • Simple migration

    Your data belongs to you, bring it in and take it out with ease

Add ons

  • Hosted Fields

    Ensure your custom integration remains PCI compliant

That’s the way it all fits together. As always, we’re here to guide you through our offerings; feel free to reach out whenever you need us, or go explore our docs and support articles if you’re ready to dive in.

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