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Android Pay

Android Pay is transitioning to Google Pay using the the new Google Payment API. This new API enables acceptance of payment methods stored on Android devices and also adds access to the credit cards associated with a user’s Google account. This expands upon Android Pay’s functionality with new capabilities for merchants, including support for new platforms such as mobile web.

Rest assured, this new integration will allow you to also accept payments from customers familiar with the old Android Pay flow on their devices. If you are an existing merchant who has integrated Android Pay in the past and want to access the Android Pay documentation, you can find it here. We advise migrating your flow to Google Pay as soon as possible, but we will continue to provide technical support for legacy integrations for now and have no immediate plans to sunset this integration.


Is Android Pay going away?

The Android Pay brand is being replaced by Google Pay. Google Pay incorporates and expands upon the existing Android Pay functionality. Cards added by a consumer to their Android device and cards saved to their Google account will be accessible within Google Pay.

How long will existing Android Pay integrations work for merchants?

Google will continue to support a merchant’s existing Android Pay integration, but no new Android Pay integrations will be allowed. We recommend that merchants migrate to the new Google Payment API to keep their integration up to date and, in doing so, the new API will enable access and new functionalities including access to cards used for purchases across Google properties.

What if a merchant would like to integrate with the Android Pay API?

Google is no longer accepting any new requests to launch with the Android Pay API. The Google Payments API offers all of the existing Android Pay functionality and more.

Will merchants continue to have access to payment methods stored on a user’s Android device?

Yes, merchants will continue to receive access to Android device payment methods via the Google Payment API, as well as cards saved to users’ Google accounts. Android Pay within the context of devices is also being rebranded to Google Pay, and users will starting seeing this branding in lieu of Android Pay.

Where can merchants find legacy documentation for Android Pay?

Legacy Android Pay documentation can be found here. If you’re looking to integrate Google Pay -- either as a new merchant, or upgrading your existing Android Pay integration -- documentation can be found here.

What do with merchants need to do to migrate from Android Pay to Google Pay?

You will need to ensure you’re using a Google Pay-compatible version of our SDK and update your website and/or app to use the new Google Payments API -- documentation can be found here. These changes impact the client component of your integration. Your server-side integration does not need to change.