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A scalable payments solution for marketplace businesses.

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Accept multiple pay-in options

Run customisable fraud checks

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Flexibility and control

We offer customisable APIs that you can leverage to create a robust payments solution that fits your unique marketplace business.

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The right payments mix

Braintree equips marketplaces with a mix of pay-in methods like cards, bank payments, PayPal, and leading wallets in a single integration. As part of the PayPal family, we give you the most recognised payment brands for shoppers globally.

Capabilities marketplaces count on

Manage fraud

Advanced fraud tools help prevent and predict fraud in order to accept more orders, from more people, in more places.

Take control of chargebacks

Automate the management of your chargebacks, retrievals, and pre-arbitrations to reduce the burden of manual review.

Streamline PCI DSS compliance validation

Tokenising and vaulting payment data helps lessen your burden around meeting PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Accept new payment methods

Braintree adds new payment methods based on market conditions and consumer adoption so you can keep your checkout up-to-date.

Go international

Braintree supports merchants in 40+ countries with presentment in 130+ currencies and multiple currency settlement options.

Tap into the power of PayPal

Providing access to over 250 million customers, Braintree allows you to accept PayPal in a single integration.

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Scale your business

Braintree works with some of the world’s leading marketplace businesses to help create seamless customer experiences. We process over 1 billion transactions per quarter and offer flexible capabilities to help manage complex commerce experiences, making it easier for buyers and sellers to connect.