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3D Secure

Additional cardholder verification that is easy to integrate and tough to crack.

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Fight fraud@2x

Fight fraudulent card use

During the checkout process, a lookup determines if the card is eligible to use 3D Secure. If the cardholder needs to authenticate using 3D Secure, the Braintree SDK will display a web page provided by the card issuer. Identity is then verified, typically by entering a password.

Shift chargeback liability

For eligible cards, 3D Secure may move liability for chargebacks due to fraud from the merchant to the card issuer for eligible cards. Exceptions apply. Learn about which scenarios shift liability.


Depending on your pricing model, there may be an additional per-transaction fee to process 3D Secure transactions. Contact us for fee information.

Get started with 3D Secure

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By enabling 3D Secure, you can reduce your risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Enable 3D Secure for your checkout

Use our developer documentation to get started.