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Braintree Extend

World-class commerce experiences depend on seamless partnerships. Braintree Extend helps power those partnerships by securely sharing payment information to help grow your revenue.

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You partner with another merchant or service provider

Host the checkout and collect payment information

Securely store payment information in your Braintree Vault

Extend that payment data to partners

Extend the power of your Braintree Vault to partners in and outside of Braintree’s network

Braintree Extend lays the foundation for you to build a unique and valuable ecosystem of partners while ensuring you maintain control of your data in the Braintree Vault.

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Create commerce experiences that delight users, helping to drive brand value and customer loyalty

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Sell in more places when you reach buyers on other platforms and mediums.

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Help increase user engagement by enabling loyalty and reward programs and other value-added services like booking and reservations.

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Manage complex payments setup like routing to multiple international processors and enabling specialized fraud services.

Skyscanner case

Drive conversion with a seamless checkout

Braintree Extend lets travel site Skyscanner share payment information with airlines so customers can book a flight directly on Skyscanner’s platform without being redirected to the airline or other third-party sites.

Read Skyscanner’s case study
Bands case Bandsintown

Find and convert new customers on partner platforms

To help close the loop from discovery to purchase, music artist- and performance-discovery platform Bandsintown uses Braintree Extend to enable a contextual-commerce experience for its users that connects to multiple ticketing partners. Bandsintown is able to increase the security and power of its vault by sharing tokenized payment information on behalf of its users with trusted ticketing partners that are also on the Braintree network.

Slick deals case Slick deals

Increase reach with new distribution channels

To provide even more value to its community, Slickdeals, a leading crowd-sourced shopping platform, launched Slickdeals Checkout, a contextual-commerce experience that lets users purchase products directly from the deals they discover on their app and website. Through Braintree Extend, Slickdeals shares tokenized payment information with a wide spectrum of merchants both inside and outside of the Braintree network, enabling a seamless and secure checkout experience for users across multiple retailers.

Monoprice case Monoprice

Create redundancy and consistency across platforms

As online electronics retailer Monoprice continues to scale its business, it’s increasingly important to create redundancy and high availability in its environment. Using Braintree Extend, Monoprice maintains its central Braintree Vault while also sending payment data to a secondary vault and processor for redundancy. That way, Monoprice users have a consistent and secure checkout experience regardless of how or with whom Monoprice processes the transaction.

Vivid seats case Vividseats

Offer customers additional products during checkout

Through Braintree Extend, ticket seller Vivid Seats allows customers to purchase event-ticket insurance via its insurance partner, on the spot, within the Vivid Seats checkout flow. By user request Braintree seamlessly and securely shares payment information with the insurance provider. Vivid Seats also leverages Braintree Extend to share data with its specialized fraud-detection partner to help with loss prevention.

Yelp case Yelp

Build customer loyalty through a rewards program

Braintree Extend helps to power Yelp Cash Back, Yelp's card linked loyalty program. Used by thousands of merchants, Yelp Cash Back lets users sign up with Yelp and receive real-time cash rebates at point of sale when dining and shopping with participating partners.

Eventbrite rfid Eventbrite

Delight customers with new purchase experiences

Braintree Extend tools allow Eventbrite, a platform that helps event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events and publish on social media, temporarily share secure payment information with concession- and festival-logistics providers so event goers can purchase goods with an RFID band that functions as both a ticket and a wallet.

Share data outside of the Braintree network

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Share customer, payment, and other data securely with your PCI Level 1 compliant partners while keeping your vault secure.

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Network Tokenization

Securely share open-loop payment tokens with your partners outside of the Braintree network, complemented by transaction insights.

Share data inside of the Braintree network

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Securely share or revoke customizable payment tokens, plus access controls and transaction insights, with your partners within Braintree’s network.

See the docs
Diagram oauth


Grant authorization to connected partners that have a Braintree integration for them to access information such as transactions, customers, payment methods, etc. to take action on your behalf.

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