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Contextual Commerce

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Businesses are partnering together to offer intuitive and connected commerce experiences. Braintree's commerce infrastructure tools enable secure sharing of payment data between partners to help create new distribution channels and make these experiences possible.

You partner with platform or another merchant

Consumer discovers your product on partner platform

Consumer purchases product or service on partner platform

Partner platform shares payment info with you

You charge consumer

You fulfill order or deliver product or service

Leading the next frontier of commerce

From trusted integrations with service providers to uninterrupted retail checkout flows, our commerce infrastructure tools are the building blocks to create commerce experiences that delight users, driving brand value and customer loyalty.

Securely share payment data to create opportunities

Share data outside of the Braintree network

Forward API

Share customer, payment, and other data securely with PCI Level 1 compliant parties while keeping your vault protected.

Share data inside of the Braintree network

Grant API

Securely share (or revoke) access to encrypted payment data with other Braintree merchants.

Built with Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools

Enabling partnerships

Facebook Messenger partners with Uber and Lyft, allowing users to order rides without leaving the Messenger app. With Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools, Facebook is able to securely share its own stored payment data with Uber and Lyft while ensuring Facebook Messenger users maintain control over their information.

Creating new experiences

Braintree’s commerce infrastructure tools enable Eventbrite to temporarily share secure payment information with concession and festival logistics providers to allow the purchase of goods with an RFID band that functions as both a ticket and a wallet.

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