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Braintree Auth

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  • All countries Braintree supports

Enable your merchants to connect a Braintree account to your platform, and receive permission to take action on their behalf.

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Your app or service

Merchants connect with your platform

Access merchant data in the Braintree Vault

Provide your services and insights to merchants

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Establish connections

Braintree Auth enables merchant service providers to connect with Braintree merchants and take authorised actions on their behalf.

If you are a provider of services such as invoicing, analytics, or recurring billing, your customers can easily connect their Braintree merchant account to your platform.

Provide authorisation

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Act on your customers’ behalf

Merchants authorise and grant permission so you can interact with their Braintree account data to provide value-add services, lightening their load in the process.

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Get started with Braintree Auth

Learn more about Braintree Auth

With Braintree Auth, merchant service providers can connect with Braintree merchants to offer add-on services that create seamless business and customer experiences.

Add Braintree Auth

Find out if your business meets the requirements for Braintree Auth, and learn how you can integrate it with your platform.