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Grant Services Terms

  1. Grant Services. PayPal also provides a service that enables Merchant to send limited Customer Data elements from the Braintree vault to another merchant (“Receiving Party”) with a Braintree Payment Services account in good standing (the “Grant Services”). Merchant may revoke the Receiving Party’s ability to use such Customer Data at any time in accordance with its agreements with the Receiving Party. PayPal may revoke Receiving Party’s access to such Customer Data in its sole discretion. Merchant agrees that the Grant Services shall be deemed part of (and included in) the definition of Gateway Services under the Payment Services Agreement found here: (“Agreement”).

  2. Fees. In addition to any other amounts Merchant is responsible for pursuant to the Agreement, Merchant will also pay PayPal the fees and charges as agreed in writing. Fees charged pursuant to these terms will be subject to Section 2 of the Agreement (entitled Fees and Taxes).

  3. Representations and Warranties. Merchant represents and warrants that (i) it shall use the Grant Services only in compliance with applicable laws, including data protection laws, regulations and Association Rules, (ii) it shall obtain all necessary consents from its Customers to share Customer Data with the Receiving Party, subject to such Receiving Party’s privacy policies, (iii) promptly provide evidence of such consents upon PayPal’s written request, (iii) that Merchant’s privacy policies and applicable laws allow for the sharing of Customer Data by Merchant with Receiving Party and that it will comply with such policies and applicable laws and (iv) if Merchant transfers Customer Data outside a country where it was collected, Merchant shall ensure that all appropriate safeguards have been implemented for the transfer of such Customer Data to Receiving Party.

  4. Relationship to the Agreement. These terms are hereby incorporated into and made a part of the Agreement and shall apply to Merchant’s Use of the Grant Services. To the extent that these terms conflict with the Agreement, these terms shall control with respect to matters concerning the Grant Services to the extent of such conflict. Except as amended by these terms, all terms and provisions of the Agreement shall continue and remain in full force and effect and binding upon the parties. Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings assigned to them in the Agreement.