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Come build with us

Every time you pay for an Uber ride or book on Airbnb, you're using our product. Braintree creates products that make payments easier -- so easy that they fade into the background, making entirely new kinds of interactions possible.

At Braintree, opportunities to shine happen daily. We value what makes you different, and encourage you to act on your ideas -- no matter how pie-in-the-sky. You bring skills and a customer-first mentality, and we'll bring the tools and environment you need to do the best work of your life.

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Our Teams


The makers & innovators

Here are the builders that create the seamless experiences you see and use everyday. Our engineers, managers, developers, and designers invent and initiate. Seeing potential in every challenge is more than exciting, it's crucial. We help thousands of businesses with product solutions that keep their livelihood safe, scalable, and easy to use.

Marketing & Sales

Spreading the good word

A great product is only as strong as people who know about it, and our sales team is made up of evangelists who shout about Braintree from the proverbial mountaintops. They make connections with businesses from small to extra large, spreading an understanding of just how our product can power all sorts of businesses.

Risk & Underwriting

Personalized solutions

All our risk and underwriting decisions are made with a human touch, supported by scalable technology. This personalized level of service is what sets us apart and allows us to meet each customer's unique needs in a way that software alone could not.


Behind the scenes

Behind our seamless technology is manpower that makes the magic happen. Our account management team provides the business savvy and financial acumen to help us 'do our thing' as a business. Our ops team has financial smarts that are only made brighter by a customer advocacy streak that can't be denied.

Customer Advocacy

Solution detectives

We're here for our merchants. Whether it's the support team helping to solve problems that range in complexity, or account managers who wield analytical skills with an empathetic flair, we've got it covered. We're known for our support—and a personal, thoughtful approach is the reason why.


Keeping our ducks in a row

Our compliance team does more than just follow the rules; they develop company-wide programs and policies to make sure we meet the same federal standards set for financial institutions. With a high level of thought and responsibility, the team allows for zero hiccups when ensuring the integrity of the company.

We believe that the best talent deserves the best benefits

Tools of the Trade

  • Brand new MacBook
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Goal setting & career planning
  • Annual conference budget*
  • Open dev Fridays*

* applies to Product Team

Feel Good Perks

  • Competitive health, mental health, dental, and vision benefits
  • Paid vacation & sick leave
  • Matching 401(k)
  • Sabbatical program
  • Commuter reimbursements
  • Transgender health benefits
  • Paid parental leave
  • Subsidized childcare program
  • Employee stock purchase program

A Fantastic Workplace

  • Hosted meetups & community events
  • Casual, open work environment
  • Mother’s Rooms with hospital-grade pump
  • Wheelchair-accessible offices
  • Flexible schedule/work from home opportunities*
  • LGBTQ groups and events
  • Family-friendly events

* applies to select teams

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Diversity & Inclusion @ Braintree

As our industry finds itself at the center of the conversation about workplace diversity, we must shine a light down our own halls and ensure we’re being reflective of the people who use the products we build.

With this call to self-awareness comes a responsibility to continually make things better than they are. We’re on the hook now. We acknowledge that we have room to grow, and we push ourselves to reach out and actively elevate those who might otherwise be suppressed. We do this through the events we host, the education we support, and the jobs we offer—in the hope that the change we bring about today will ripple through the larger community.

Frequently asked questions

What does your application process look like?

Each job has a slightly different application process, depending on the role or department. While some of our roles follow a very uniform interviewing process, it’s hard to say exactly what the process will look like for each role beyond saying that there will be an initial application screen, a chat with one of our recruiters, and an onsite interview. Be sure to ask your recruiter what the interview process looks like for the role you are being considered for.

How long does it take to get back to me about next steps after I submit my application through the careers page?

We’d love to give you a specific timeline on this, but the truth is, we can’t. Timing depends on the level of urgency for filling the position as well as the volume of applications we receive. What we can promise you is this: no matter what, you will hear back from us with a decision regarding your application.

Can I reapply?

Absolutely! We recommend checking back after six months if you’re applying to the same role.

What if I want to be considered for more than one position at the same time?

You can apply to as many positions as you like at the same time. We’ll be able to track your progress in all applications, and having applied to more than one role won’t hurt your chances in any of the roles you’ve applied to.

How long does it take to receive a decision and feedback following an onsite interview?

We do our best to get back to you within a week of your onsite interview. Please connect with your recruiter if you’ve not received an update at that time.

Do you support remote workers?

It depends on the team and role. Remote workers tend to be supported more frequently for product and engineering roles (like designers and developers) than for business facing roles (like sales, account managers, and support).

How should I prepare for an interview at Braintree?

We encourage you to check out our blog, Strongly Typed, as a way to get to know us. You’ll find an intro to our Product, our Team, and how we fit into the Payments Industry!

What should I wear to my interview?

We’re a casual office environment, so whatever’s comfortable for you! We certainly aren’t assessing you based on what you wear, and we know that comfort when it comes to professional presentation is subjective. Here is a picture of our team to give you a sense of what people in the office are wearing.

Are your offices wheelchair accessible?

All our offices are wheelchair accessible. In San Francisco, we’re right around the corner from the 2nd and King MUNI stop. In Chicago, the Brown and Purple Lines will drop you off right in the building.

I am currently breastfeeding and may need a break in my interview to pump. Do you have facilities I can use?

Yes -- we can get you set up in our Mother’s Room. Please let us know how much time you’ll need and we’ll build a break into your interview schedule.

Do you have single-stall restrooms on site?

In San Francisco, we have a single-stall restroom. In Chicago we have both a multi-stall all-gender restroom and a single-stall restroom.

How can I be sure that the interviewing team is aware of my pronouns?

Please let us know your pronouns as soon as you feel comfortable in the process and we’ll make sure the team’s aware. You can do this either as part of your initial application or when a recruiter reaches out to schedule time to chat with you -- whatever’s the most comfortable for you.

My gender identity changed prior to applying to Braintree. How might this affect reference checks?

Most of our jobs don’t involve a reference check, but we may reach out to former employers at a manager’s discretion. We’ll let you know if we’re reaching out and be sure to check with you about how you’d like to be referred to during these conversations. If we offer you a job, there will be a background check. If you were employed under a different legal name, we can help you navigate that situation.

I have feedback about the interview process, who can I talk to?

For all candidates who come onsite, our application system automatically sends out an anonymous survey about our process that you can fill out. Our team takes that feedback seriously and so we appreciate any thoughts you might want to share with us.

What is your relationship to PayPal, Venmo, etc.?

Braintree was acquired by PayPal in 2013 and became one of many brands under the larger umbrella. By virtue of our individual roadmaps and initiatives, we often operate separately. But we do all play for the same team and, depending on department, frequently team up with coworkers across the organization -- PayPal, Venmo, Xoom, Synchrony, etc.

I have a question or an accommodation request not mentioned in the FAQ -- how should I go about addressing that?

Please let your recruiter know as soon as you feel comfortable and they will make accommodations to set you up for success when you come onsite to interview.

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