Welcoming Rovio, creator of Angry Birds!

You see it being played everywhere, on the bus, train, and airplane, in the car, at the doctors office and in coffee shop; and you see it being played by everyone, kids, teenagers, adults and grandparents. The theme music is instantaneously recognizable. Angry Birds has taken the world by storm.

We couldn’t be more excited that Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, has chosen us as their trusted payments provider. Today, we’re powering payments for their online and mobile stores where fans can purchase their branded merchandise such as toys, games, apparel, iPhone cases and more.

Since Rovio’s first release of Angry Birds in December of 2009, the mobile game has become an international phenomenon. The original puzzle game and its four special editions reached a cumulative total of 1 billion downloads earlier this year and their growth continues to accelerate.

Why Braintree?

When Rovio engaged us, they were looking for the following things in a payments provider:

  1. Scalability - Rovio’s most recent release, Angry Birds Space, hit 50 million downloads in 35 days, creating a surge in demand for Angry Bird products. Rovio needed a reliable and robust payments provider capable of handling massive surges in volume.
  2. Elegant and secure software - great software makes all the difference in the world. Rovio needed a payments provider whose software could elegantly power mobile commerce, solve for PCI Compliance, enable one click checkout, and securely manage credit card data.
  3. Strong international track record - With only 13.2% of Angry Bird users are located in the United States, they needed to accept payments in every major currency around the world.
  4. Mobile capabilities - With an increasing number of customers perusing the online store using their mobile devices, it was important for Rovio that their payment solution allowed for one-click checkout, bandwidth efficient transactions, and encryption of credit card data on the mobile device.

Rovio found everything they were looking for in Braintree. While we might celebrate today with some live action Angry Birds in the office, we’re heads down building the next generation of payments and m-commerce tools for developers at Angry Birds and other great mobile and e-commerce companies.

Angry birds at the Braintree office

Kristi Lynch Kristi Lynch is a Braintree Account Manager and Cat Mom. When she’s not helping merchants navigate the world of payments, she can be found eating BBQ and pretending urban hiking is a real thing. More posts by this author

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