Igniting Innovation Around the World with the Braintree v.zero SDK

Innovation happens everywhere. But when it’s supported by the right tools, it can happen much faster and more seamlessly. The right platform can help unlock and support innovation that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. At Braintree, we’re building and democratizing access to the most sophisticated payment tools, so that innovators and developers around the world can build the next 99designs, Hailo and Rovio (the creators of Angry Birds), regardless where they are from. Companies based outside the US are an important part of Braintree’s client base with international transactions accounting for more than a third of Braintree’s authorized payment volume.

In an effort to help support innovation globally, today we’re rolling out the
 Pay with PayPal feature through the Braintree v.zero SDK for our international merchants, beginning with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. We’re starting the rollout of v.zero in these core markets, and we’re working to make all of the SDK features available for our tens of thousands of customers across the more than 40 countries we serve globally.

With the Braintree v.zero SDK -- which developers can integrate in under 15 minutes -- businesses around the world can get access to three core features:

  • Pay with PayPal: With Braintree v.zero, merchants can accept payments through PayPal without needing to do a separate integration. With just a few lines of code, developers around the world can tap into PayPal’s base of 152 million active customers and instantly scale their businesses.

  • Engineered for the future: For startups and developers, innovation and change is constant. So we’ve built v.zero to stand the test of time - any future feature updates will be simple to add so businesses always have easy access to the best in class platform and latest features.

  • Fully optimized Drop-in UI: Many of our early-stage startup developers have asked for a simple way to integrate a checkout solution that can have them ready to accept payments in minutes without giving up any control over their user experience. The Braintree v.zero SDK makes this possible for U.S. merchants, and we’ll roll this out to our international merchants in the coming weeks.

International customers including The Exchange Group in Australia and CINQ-S in France are already accepting PayPal through v.zero, joining companies like GitHub who have been accepting PayPal internationally through v.zero since our U.S. launch in July. "Braintree’s v.zero SDK has been easy to integrate for our developers, resulting in a checkout experience that is quick to navigate for our customers. With v.zero, Braintree has empowered us with superior tools which have fundamentally made our payments integration simple and quick,” noted Edouard Ladroit, Founder, CINQ-S. “CINQ-S really appreciates the ability Braintree’s v.zero SDK gives us to offer a seamless checkout experience for our PayPal and credit card customers, all through the one single integration. We have been greatly impressed by all the features the new v.zero SDK offers and we are excited to hear the ongoing positive feedback from our customers now we are live." 

We’re eager to help unlock innovation around the globe by removing payments as a barrier for businesses trying to monetize, and helping merchants get access to world class, customizable payment tools and features in minutes. We’re looking forward to seeing what new experiences innovators will build with the Braintree v.zero SDK. You can find out more details about the Braintree v.zero SDK here.


Klas Back Klas is the GM of Braintree’s International and Payment Strategy. He has fine-tuned his expertise in global payments commerce in previous senior roles at Netgiro, Digital River, and FlyBy. More posts by this author

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