Venmo Touch Goes Global

AMEX joins as Marketing Partner in Europe, with UK launching first

Earlier this year, we launched Venmo Touch to solve one of the biggest barriers to selling goods and services on a mobile phone -- a frictionless, one touch checkout experience. Our product was the first to allow one touch transactions across mobile apps, eliminating the cumbersome process of entering payment information every single time a consumer wants to purchase something using their mobile phone. And just three months ago, we opened Venmo Touch to card issuers and banks. The response from merchants and consumers continues to be tremendous. Touch is now on millions of devices -- and we’re just getting started. Consumers expect the magical buying experiences of HotelTonight, LivingSocial, and TaskRabbit in every app on their phone, and we’re expanding the reach of Touch to help do just that.

So today, we’re beginning to rollout Venmo Touch to our European merchants, starting with the UK. We’re excited to make one touch experiences easy for UK merchants, letting them focus on building great products and services while offering consumers the easiest way to pay. As part of this launch, American Express joins us as our exclusive marketing partner in Europe. As consumer buying habits continue to trend rapidly towards mobile (55% of time spent shopping is now on mobile, according to comScore), American Express recognizes the importance of making purchases easier on a mobile device. Mobile-first innovators like LivingSocial, HotelTonight, Drivr, Bizzby and YPlan share our vision of creating beautiful commerce experiences and will also be offering Venmo Touch to their UK customers.

Two weeks ago, we surpassed $4B in mobile payments. Today, we’re excited to kick off the global expansion of Venmo Touch. Look out for more markets and more platforms in the coming weeks and months. To build a great one touch checkout experience, visit or contact us at


Aunkur Arya Aunkur is GM for Braintree’s Mobile business, leading all efforts across the mobile ecosystem. Arya came to Braintree from Google via the acquisition of AdMob. More posts by this author

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