Venmo Touch Screencasts: Add One Touch Credit Card Payments to Your App in 15 Minutes

The Braintree iOS SDK was upgraded last month to include two great new features. A drop-in payment form and Venmo Touch. To demonstrate how easy they are to integrate into your iOS app, and what they look like when you are done, we have created two brand new developer-focused videos.

What's Venmo Touch?

This video demos how Venmo Touch allows users to pay in your apps with cards they have saved in other apps. It also shows off the payment form bundled with Venmo Touch in the Braintree iOS SDK, which includes UI components and client-side validation logic to prevent users from mistyping credit card information and make the checkout process fast and easy.

Add One Touch Credit Card Payments to your iOS App in 15 Minutes using the Braintree iOS SDK and Venmo Touch

Whenever developers integrating with Venmo Touch ask how long it will take to add the SDK to their app and we tell them they can finish it in an afternoon, the reaction is, "Seriously?!" To show you just how easy it is to add Venmo Touch and the Braintree iOS SDK to your app we recorded a live coding screencast that creates a new app and integrates with the SDK in 15 minutes.

Andrew Kortina & John Graham Andrew Kortina was the former co-founder of Venmo, and John Graham was previously a Software Engineer of the same. More posts by this author

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