Updates to 3D Secure

We’ve been working on improvements to our 3D Secure offering and we’re excited to announce the latest updates. 3-Domain Secure (3DS) -- also known as Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode -- is a service offered by card brands which allows cardholders to add a layer of security to e-commerce transactions. The cardholder sets a password with their issuing bank, then enters the password at checkout when prompted:

Fraud protection

3DS helps merchants reduce fraudulent transactions. On transactions that utilize 3D Secure, card brands shift liability for fraudulent chargebacks from the merchant to the issuer, meaning potentially lower chargebacks and fraud costs for you.


3DS is now available for nearly all of our U.S. and EU merchants, as well as merchants in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. We offer support for Visa and MasterCard, and we plan to support American Express once AmEx Safekey is launched in October 2016.

Changes to integration

Merchants will need to tweak their integrations to support the added flow of 3DS. Check out our docs for help with integration, and feel free to reach out to our Support team with any additional questions.

3D Secure is just one of many fraud protection tools available to Braintree merchants. Questions about 3DS or any of Braintree’s other security features? Don’t hesitate to contact us or check out this article.

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