Turning Code into Gold with Codeology

Braintree is a company built by developers, for developers. Though often behind the scenes, code provides the foundation for our business and helps us drive the mobile commerce revolution.

We believe code is beautiful, code is creative, and code is an expression of the individual who wrote it. Code should be celebrated as an art form. Back in February, we took it upon ourselves, in partnership with external creative agency West, to bring these principles to life and launched Codeology -- an open-source project that gives life to the individual lines and languages that make up the art and science of development.

Today, we are incredibly proud to share that our love of code earned us a highly coveted Gold Cannes Lion! The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is an international event that recognizes the top creative communicators, advertisers, innovators, and marketers around the globe. With thousands of submissions globally, we know that being nominated is already a significant milestone, and so receiving the award is a huge honor for us. Winning in the Digital Craft category for Data Visualization -- a brand new category that recognizes the skill and artistry required in digital creativity -- this shiny new piece of hardware is a true testament to our passion for the code that powers the world, and the countless hours developers spend to make code come to life. We are also really proud of our PayPal colleagues for being shortlisted in three different categories including Financial Products & Services, Microsite, and User Experience Design!

The project is simple. An algorithm analyzes GitHub projects and creates unique forms based on the codebase size and language. The application pulls data from GitHub’s public API and renders visuals in ascii art form. We’ve loved seeing individuals fork and modify their visualized projects and realized very quickly that this was a project with enormous rewards. Because every developer’s codebase is different, no two Codeology projects are alike. This is, precisely, why we believe code is art.

To learn more about Codeology and how you can use it, visit the Codeology page on desktop or mobile, and be sure to share your favorite projects with us on Twitter and share any feedback you may have.

In the meantime, we have some celebrating to do!

Kasia Leyden Kasia leads the marketing team at Braintree. An Aussie based in San Francisco and a lover of riding her bike, picnics in the park, and travelling the world. More posts by this author

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