The Power of the Adorable

Did you know studies have shown that looking at intensely cute photos actually improves your concentration? Well, lucky you for stumbling on this post because, from this moment forward, you’ll say hello to a new standard of peak performance.

We have created a few pieces of tiny Braintree garb since I started here 6 years ago, but we never made official swag for our own kids. Now, Braintree is growing and so is the population of “Minitreeps” as we like to call them. Parents at Braintree are proud of their work and even more proud of our kids. Why not combine the two and celebrate everything we really love?

The results? Well, super duper cuteness, of course.

Body MiniTreeps

Do you like the littlest of our swag? Are you already feeling just a bit more productive? If so, keep an eye out for some pint-sized attire when you see us hosting conferences or meetups! Your munchkins, like ours, could start dressing for the jobs they want.

Jen Busenbark Jen is a Lead Product Manager who joined Braintree in 2009. She helped design all current processes including planning, building, testing, launching & just about everything else in software delivery. More posts by this author

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