Stored Credential Framework: Processing Improvements for Mastercard Payments

Braintree is expanding the stored credential framework to include Mastercard transactions. This framework is designed to help maintain payment network compliance and maximize the approval rates of stored cards.


The stored credential framework helps fulfill payment network requirements for merchants who store payment methods for future transactions -- whether they’re processed from Braintree’s Vault or via an external vault. Previously, the stored credential framework was available only for Visa transactions. Braintree is expanding the stored credential framework to include Mastercard.


Mastercard requirements will follow the same guidelines listed in the Visa Stored Credential Framework: Processing Improvements for Vaulted Cards blog post.

Most merchants who utilize the Braintree Vault will not need to make any changes and will automatically benefit from the stored credential framework.

Merchants who use an external vault (e.g., a third-party vault outside of Braintree) should implement external vault functionality to correctly flag their stored transactions and help maintain compliance with the payment network rules. For more details on external vault updates, please see the Stored Credential Framework: Introducing External Vault Fields blog post.


Over time, the stored credential framework is expected to help maximize the approval rates for both Mastercard and Visa payments.


If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Support team.

Tim Whicker Tim is a Product Manager under Braintree's Cards Compliance team. In his free time, he's a tech, music, and design enthusiast. More posts by this author

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