Launching Start Tank at Our UK Office

At Braintree, we know how hard it is to get a business started, which is why we’ve introduced programs like Ignition to help businesses monetize while saving on payment costs. Since joining the Braintree team earlier this year, we’ve been focused on expanding our support of the startup community globally.

As part of this effort, today we’re launching our Start Tank program in London to support UK startups and help ensure their growth and success. Following the success of Start Tank in Boston, we are expanding the program globally, working to ignite innovation everywhere. We’re excited to see what startups we can uncover in London.

At Start Tank, we will select up to five technology startups from across the UK to host at our offices in central London. During the six-month program, the startups will be surrounded by other entrepreneurs and innovators who are committed to helping them succeed. In addition, we’ll support these startups with:

  • Access to mentors and thought-leaders from a broad network of executives from PayPal, Braintree and external high-level advisors to help them make decisions to drive success and growth
  • Networking and business opportunities with angel investors and venture capitalists, as well as other vital business connections
  • Access to all the benefits included in Startup Blueprint, such as waived PayPal and Braintree fees through Ignition and a dedicated customer care team

The startups will work towards a demo day, where they will present their vision and business models.

The UK startup ecosystem is a vibrant and exciting one, and we are committed to helping them succeed. Several of the startups that have taken part in Start Tank Boston have already graduated from the program, and we look forward to emulating this success in the UK.

The application process for Start Tank London opens today.

John Lunn John Lunn is the Senior Global Director of Developer and Startup Relations, ensuring that developers and startups around the globe have access to the features, functionality and mentorship they need. More posts by this author

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