Sentia Taps Braintree to Help Customers Focus on What They Do Best

Today we sat down with Michael Cindrić, the Founder of the Sydney, Australia-based software development consultancy Sentia. Founded in 2006, Sentia has more than 500,000 mobile app downloads to its name and more than 2 million loyal web app users. We met up with Michael to learn about Sentia’s approach to business and to hear why they recommend Braintree to their customers.

Tell us about how Sentia got its start

I’ve worked as a developer for most of my professional life, but many of the jobs I’ve had were siloed and didn’t allow for creative collaboration with clients. I founded Sentia more than seven years ago because I wanted to create a software company that could deliver both sides of the equation--the technology and the creative sides. I envisioned creating a business where we could team up with clients to work hand-in-hand to build delightful mobile and web app experiences; provide service where we could and recommend third parties when we knew other companies could serve our customers better. At Sentia, we work very closely with our customers, brainstorming ideas and iterating on projects in a collaborative way.

In what capacity do you work with Braintree? 

At Sentia, we’re focused on creating beautifully designed web and mobile apps that are optimized for the best user experiences. What we don’t focus on is the payments side. Luckily, we can refer our customers to Braintree and know they’ll get the best customer service at a competitive price, while we at Sentia will get to work with the leading payments platform that is quick and easy to install. We don’t only recommend Braintree to our customers, we use Braintree ourselves. I see Braintree and Sentia as having similar missions: Doing the behind-the-scenes work so that businesses can focus on what they do best.

Why do you recommend Braintree to your customers?

Growing a successful company is hard enough without having to deal with regulations and roadblocks associated with building and managing a payment solution. For most companies, it’s best to hire a third party payment solution to deal with that aspect of the business. I’ve worked with other payment providers in the past, but I recommend Braintree for three main reasons. First, Braintree is known for its exceptional service and support. That’s why developers love Braintree. Second, Braintree serves as a trusted partner when our customers are dealing with new markets or complicated regulations. Braintree essentially holds our hand and walks us through the process. And they’ve done this many times before with businesses we trust and respect, so we know we’re in good hands. Third, Braintree offers all of this for highly competitive transaction fees.

Which of your customers use Braintree to process payments?

Most of our customers use Braintree as their payment provider, including companies like FitUsIn and Send A Script. Recently, FitUsIn--a booking site for the health and fitness industry--hired us to help them switch to Braintree, which was great for us because implementing Braintree is relatively quick and easy and once it’s set up, Braintree takes care of everything on the payments side. Send A Script--a mobile app that connects customers and pharmacies--is another example of a customer that relies on Braintree to process its payments. With the help of Braintree, Send A Script customers can submit and pay for a prescription via their mobile app without ever having to wait in line.

Braintree’s the perfect partner for us. Together, we’re taking care of behind-the-scenes work so that companies can focus on what they do best.

Klas Back Klas is the GM of Braintree’s International and Payment Strategy. He has fine-tuned his expertise in global payments commerce in previous senior roles at Netgiro, Digital River, and FlyBy. More posts by this author

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