Enhance Security with Advanced Fraud Prevention Features from Braintree

Security has been top of mind for online merchants and their customers due to the recent large-scale data breaches at major retailers. These security breaches reinforce the need for merchants to go the extra mile and stay protected. Common first lines of defense such as CVV and AVS checks, along with basic techniques we recommended in Identifying Potential Fraudulent Transactions, are no longer enough. That's why we're recommending you integrate Braintree-data.js.

If you’re a Braintree customer, you can relax knowing that the sensitive data captured by your website’s e-commerce platform is secured by the pros. Braintree offers more than just the basic transaction data checks provided by other payment providers.

In addition to industry-standard security, Braintree gives you access to advanced protection with our Braintree-data.js library, at no additional cost. Our powerful fraud prevention tools can perform hundreds of checks within milliseconds, reviewing factors including credit card usage, geolocation, and proxy use, as well as device identification. All of this is done before the authorization of purchase is complete, allowing you to determine the true integrity of the transaction.

Check out the Braintree-data.js documentation here: https://www.braintreepayments.com/docs/ruby/general/fraud_tools

Every business is vulnerable to fraud and we are always happy to discuss techniques to combat it. Implementing Braintree-data.js enables our powerful fraud tools and provides an additional layer of protection for your business and customers. Our Support and Accounts teams are here to help, feel free to reach us at 877-511-5038 or at accounts@braintreepayments.com.

We’re always evolving our existing security features and looking at new tools help to keep you and your customers safe. By providing a secure integration that helps achieve PCI compliance and access to advanced fraud protection, Braintree is defending you against costs related to both lost products and chargebacks, so you and your customers have increased peace of mind that your transactions and data are secure.


Will Roberts Will’s role is Head of Risk Management at Braintree. His mission is to ensure that all merchants receive best in class service while effectively managing risk. More posts by this author

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