Ruby Conf Australia: High Availability at Braintree

I recently spoke at Ruby Conf Australia about different types of outages and how we at Braintree work to minimize downtime. Uptime for us is extremely important. Every second of downtime is hundreds or thousands of dollars of missed credit card transactions and problems for our merchants.

In this talk, I cover how we do High Availability at Braintree on our Ruby on Rails application, with specific topics including:

  • How we pause traffic for short periods of time without failing requests
  • How we fit our maintenance into these short pauses
  • How we do rolling deploys and schema changes without downtime
  • How we load balance across redundant services and ISPs
  • How the app is structured to retry requests

You can watch the video here:

Paul Gross Paul Gross is a Lead Developer at Braintree. He previously worked at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy, building custom software in diverse languages, including Java, .NET, Python, and Ruby. More posts by this author

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