Providing Stellar Customer Support: an Update

A couple of years ago, we wrote about four easy ways to provide great (read: white-glove) service to your customer base. After two years and a major acquisition (by PayPal to buy Braintree), we’re here to report that our customer service values have not budged. Our core foundation has remained the same: hire, train, and develop smart, caring, and reliable experts in the field while demanding that amazing service retain a top spot on the priority list.

When we spoke on this topic two years ago, Braintree was a much smaller organization; we were US-centric, but supporting some international merchants. We’re now available 6 days a week to provide assistance via phone and email to merchants in over 40 different countries. We have always considered white-glove support to be one of the pillars of a great product and we have maintained those levels through explosive growth and some huge changes. Throughout this, we were insistent that we maintain the core philosophies we established and built our team upon.

While growing pains can be a real thing, in this situation they have only helped to make us better at what we do -- and staying adaptable while following the same basic principles has consistently served us well.

To learn more about our support philosophy, check out our previous blog post:

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