And the PitchHop Winners Are…

As a long-time developer, startup mentor and founder, I’ve experienced the startup community's creative ideas and disruptive products. What I didn’t realize until this week, is that they can also throw down a beat!

Last night, as Southland came to a close, we concluded our first ever PitchHop battle to continue our support for the startup community. It was an opportunity for teams to come out, develop succinct pitches and gain experience and confidence in pitching their startups to executives.

Nearly 40 startups came out during the event to pitch their ideas to Bill Ready and me -- in the form of some pretty amazing rap videos. We heard raps about startups disrupting all kinds of markets -- from advertising to marketing to workflow and productivity.

And the winners are...

Redpepper: An ad agency by day and invention lab by night. Check out their rap video here.

Screwpulp: An ebook marketplace giving authors a better way to reach an audience and earn more revenue. Check out their rap video here.

On Tuesday, Bill and I met with Redpepper and on Wednesday, I met with Screwpulp so we could ignite their inventory of ideas, share our feedback and increase their payment processing power. And since we know how hard it is to grow from the first dollar to the millionth, we awarded both of these startups with our power tool for success: Blueprintwhich includes $100,000 of fee free transactions with Braintree and $1.5 million fee free transactions with PayPal.

Congratulations to our winners. We’re looking forward to supporting these startups as they innovate and grow, and can’t wait to see them pass $1.5 million in transactions!

Checkout PitchHop’s greatest hits and thank you to all of our participants!

John Lunn John Lunn is the Senior Global Director of Developer and Startup Relations, ensuring that developers and startups around the globe have access to the features, functionality and mentorship they need. More posts by this author

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