Welcoming our new partner, BuyReply

As more consumers move to mobile, many merchants are recognizing that they need to find new avenues to reach the on-the-go consumer. BuyReply is a transactional advertising platform which enables consumers to instantly purchase anything from any offline medium without an app download. Using BuyReply mediums such as TV, print, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, catalogs etc… become transactional.

Now, with our BuyReply partnership, BuyReply customers can use Braintree to accept payments, and on the flip side, our current merchants can easily integrate with BuyReply. Merchants using BuyReply can set up campaigns where consumers can text, email or tweet short codes to instantly buy any product from any medium. Payments can be processed through your Braintree account.

How it works: you sign up for a BuyReply account, plug in your Braintree API keys and start accepting payments immediately. That’s it!

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