Our New Look

Last week at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco we revealed One Touch™ - the simplest, easiest, most secure way to pay on mobile - alongside a new visual identity for the Braintree brand. This new identity is equal parts unique and functional - and most importantly, laser-focused on speaking directly to and with developers. That’s important to us as Braintree started life as the first payment platform to focus on the developer and entrepreneur as primary customers.

All great brands seek to build a connection with their customers, and for us that meant looking to the developer and entrepreneur community to crystallize what we mean to them. We learned that the essence and foundation of Braintree is beautiful and efficient code. And with that, we want to celebrate code as an art form. Good code is simple, easy to build upon, and meant to be shared. It allows amazing ideas and experiences to come to life.

It was this insight that fueled the decisions behind our new logo, font and art direction. Our new logo is intentionally purist and understated. It exists in its most basic form, as it does in source code and uses our new font, bt_mono. Our font is inspired by the development environment, but can be equally effective in communications. This versatility allows us to be very playful and expressive with the identity system.

Of course our brand identity is more than just type, but it does recognize a conscious shift to ensure we embody everything that Braintree stands for – a celebration of the product, those who built it and the people who use it.

Here’s to the next chapter.

Greg Fisher Greg Fisher serves as the CMO at Braintree where he leads all marketing functions. Previously, Greg worked at Amazon, HTC, and held several global positions at Intel. More posts by this author

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