New Year, New Search! Plus, Braintree is All Over the Blogs These Days

With the new year comes new search functionality. We are very excited to announce our first release of the year! Below you can find details around our new advanced vault search.

Advanced Vault Search

We received a lot of great feedback from our merchants requesting more detailed searching capabilities for the vault. We listened to that feedback and have added an advanced vault search. Prior to adding this feature you could either use basic search or view the list of all customers in the vault. Unlike basic search, you now have the ability to search for customers and payment methods using a combination of criteria such as customer id, payment method token, and expiration date.

Basic search is still a great feature for a quick search of the vault, but if you want to search vault records using more specific criteria, you can now take advantage of the vault search functionality. This functionality is available via both the Control Panel and the API. Below you will find the link to the API documentation and a peek at how the functionality works in the control panel.


Vault Search Docs: Ruby | PHP | Python | Java | .NET

Braintree in the Blogs

If you'd like to read more about Braintree, check out some of the recent interviews and blog posts around the web from the past month.

Hope the new release is helpful! We love feedback so please email support if you have any.

The Braintree Dev Team

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