New Features and Upcoming Braintreep Sightings!

We're excited to announce some new features that we have recently added to the gateway. This release includes a combination of new features that keep pace with recent enhancements made by the credit card associations (Visa & MasterCard) along with some requests that we have received from you, our wonderful customers.

MasterCard $0 Verifications

Effective April 15, 2011, MasterCard has begun to support $0 verifications, like Visa. We have incorporated this change into the gateway and will now begin to send $0 verifications any time a MasterCard is verified while being added to the Vault. $0 verifications not only cost less for you, but they will also never show up on the cardholder's statement.

While both Visa and MasterCard have mandated support for $0 verifications, many card issuing banks have not yet built support for these types of transactions. We have noticed that some Visa $0 verifications will fail with a response code indicating that either the amount or type of transaction is not supported by the card issuing bank. To help maximize the success rate of verification attempts, we have implemented new logic that will automatically retry with a $1 authorization request (the old behaviour) if the initial $0 verification fails due to a lack of support by the issuing bank. With this you can now be completely confident that any unsuccessful verification attempts failed for valid reasons (e.g. the account has been closed) rather than a lack of support by the issuing bank for $0 verifications.

Processor response codes that will trigger the $1 authorization retry are:

  • 2019 - Invalid Transaction
  • 2048 - Invalid Amount
  • 2015 - Transaction Not Allowed
  • 2023 - Processor Does Not Support This Feature

Passing CVV With Vault Tokens Via The API

Per popular request, we now allow you to send a transaction request with a CVV code while using a token for a card that is stored in your Vault. PCI DSS regulations strictly prohibit merchants and processors from storing CVV values, so you would need to request that your customers enter the CVV value each time they elect to use a saved credit card from your Vault. You can then pass the CVV with either a customer id or credit card token. The CVV is still not required when creating a transaction using a Vault-stored card, but if it is included with a request, we will run any CVV rules configured in your account on the transaction; if the CVV is not included, we will not run your CVV rules.

Docs: Ruby | PHP | Python | Java | .NET

Storing In Vault on Successful Transactions Only

To store or not to store? The question is: if you are using the "store in vault" option when creating a transaction, what do you want to do if the transaction is not successful? The new "store in vault on success" flag (available in the API) allows you to elect to only create a customer/credit card in the Vault if the original transaction is successful. To remain backwards compatible, the "store in vault" flag will still work the same as it always has. If you set this flag we will store the customer/credit card regardless of the status of the transaction.

Docs: Ruby | PHP | Python | Java | .NET

New API Docs

Have you checked out our new docs yet? We recently revamped our documentation to make things more intuitive for you. If you haven't already checked them out you should! And let us know what you think - we value your feedback!

Docs: Ruby | PHP | Python | Java | .NET

Braintreep Sightings

Our Braintree development team will be at RailsConf 2011. One of our clients, LivingSocial, will be giving a talk about their credit card processing setup, featuring Braintree! The talk is called: ‘From 1,000 Transactions a Month to 1 Million in a Day: Lessons in Credit Card Processing from LivingSocial'. If you are attending RailsConf and would like to meet up with our devs, please email

We hosted the first annual Start-up Chicago Dodgeball Tournament in early April and it was a great success! We put together a great video of highlights.

We hope you find this release helpful and we hope to see some of you at our upcoming outings. As always, we love hearing your feedback, so please let us know what you're thinking!

Jen Busenbark Jen is a Lead Product Manager who joined Braintree in 2009. She helped design all current processes including planning, building, testing, launching & just about everything else in software delivery. More posts by this author

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